Using A Collaborative IP Ecosystem To Develop SoCs Faster

When: Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 at 10.30 am PST
Duration: 30 minutes

Are you facing a challenge, being in sync with your team members on different aspects of SoC development such as specifications, architecture, IP selection etc.? Do you sometimes wonder about a resolution made during the project but are unable to find any discussions supplementing the decision? Would you like to review the experience of other designers with an IP before selecting it for your next SoC? Do you want to have better controllability on third party IPs and track their usage throughout your company?

Join the webinar to see how your design team can collaborate efficiently on their designs and leverage internally developed resources – semiconductor IPs, flows, scripts etc. to build SoCs successfully within a shorter time. Learn how you can use the designHUB ecosystem to quickly qualify and select the most suitable IPs, collaborate to create new SoCs or IPs, interact with IP developers for any issues found, or manage your design project by easily keeping track of all project related information including discussions and resolutions.

The designHUB platform can be customized easily to ensure all the desired design information is easily accessible at your fingertips and works with all data management software such as SOS7, Perforce, Subversion and Git.


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About ClioSoft Inc.

ClioSoft is the pioneer and leading developer of system-on-chip (SoC) design configuration and enterprise IP management solutions for the semiconductor industry. The company's flagship product SOS7 Design Collaboration Platform, built exclusively to meet the demanding requirements of SoC designs, empowers single or multi-site design teams to collaborate efficiently on complex analog, digital, RF and mixed-signal designs from concept to GDSII.

The designHUB platform from ClioSoft provides a collaborative IP management and a design reuse ecosystem for enterprises. With built in analytics and collaborative tools, designHUB improves design reuse by providing an easy-to-use workflow for designers to leverage internal resources and efficiently manage the process of browsing, integrating and developing new IPs or SoCs. With an easy-to-use administration and user cockpit, ClioSoft provides enterprise-level IP Management to manage the process of creating IPs and their derivatives, their lineage, IP licensing, security, issue and defect tracking.

ClioSoft customers include the top 20 semiconductor companies worldwide. ClioSoft is headquartered at 39500 Stevenson Place, Suite 110, Fremont, CA, 94539. For more information visit us at